Branded App

Small to medium-sized chain restaurants need their own mobile and online presence. Dookans works with your marketing team to create an app that reflects your brand identity and helps promote repeat business by making the ordering process seamless. The branded app would integrate with your POS and leverage your own merchant account for credit card processing, so your existing business processes are not disrupted.

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The Power of Salesforce

The branded app is powered by, an enterprise-class reporting and analytics engine that is leveraged by several Fortune 100 companies globally. From the Dookans customer portal you can access preconfigured reports/dashboards, review your statements, request menu edits and view your social media trends. Dookans can also integrate with your existing infrastructure.

What Chain Restaurants Need

Fast casual restaurants give diners who are watching their budget the option to step down from casual dining without sacrificing quality or taste. It also offers them a step up from quick-service restaurants (QSRs) by catering to the needs of a changing consumer: a younger, more tech-savvy consumer who is looking for something more substantial than what QSRs offer. these customers also expect restaurants to have their own branded mobile and online ordering capability.